PNWFCU fraud and scam resources

Fraud & Scam Resources

Fraud & Scam Resources

Do not share your 3-digit card security code, card PIN, or online banking password by voice or text with anyone claiming to be a PNWFCU employee. We will never call you and ask you for this information. Please read about Fraud Verification Alert Scams for more information. If you ever receive a voice or a text message from us and are unsure about responding to it, call us directly for assistance at 503-256-5858 or 800-444-5858.

New Text Alerts Help Prevent Card Fraud

PNWFCU continually monitors our members’ debit and credit cards for fraudulent activity. We are excited to bring you another level of security by introducing Fraud Text Alerts! If our fraud monitoring service detects a suspicious transaction on your account, we will alert you via text message of the transaction.

We will never send you a message asking for personal, card, or account information. If you receive a message asking for this type of information, DO NOT respond and immediately contact us at 800-444-5858. Click here for more information.

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