How to Deposit a Check With PNWFCU's Mobile App

VIDEO: How to Deposit a Check

With Our Mobile App

May. 17, 2019

Have you heard the rumors that credit unions are behind when it comes to technology? We see this all the time in news articles comparing CUs to other financial institutions. And it’s just not accurate these days.

At PNWFCU, we frequently add new products to help you manage your money on the go using the latest tech. This includes digital wallet services like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as our Money Management budgeting tool and remote check deposit.

Remote deposit has been around for a few years now, but a lot of people haven’t tried it yet. They’re missing out!

Save Time With Remote Check Deposit

Remote deposit can save you time and a trip to the branch, letting you deposit checks with the camera on your mobile device. Check out how it’s done in this video.

Download our app to get started with remote deposit and other benefits like quick money transfers, easy loan applications and free Money Management. Text or call us at 503-256-5858 if you have any questions.