Baseball in field

Portland Pickles Credit Card Coming This July

With Free Bobblehead for a Limited Time!

Jun. 17, 2020

Portland Pickles baseball fans will have an additional way to show their team spirit starting this July, with the new Pickles Visa credit card. Coming to PNWFCU through a Pickles partnership, the card will prominently showcase Dillon, the team mascot.

Limited-Edition Bobblehead

Card holders who sign up for the Pickles card by August 31 will receive a limited-edition Dillon for President bobblehead. Additional exclusive perks will be announced throughout the year.

Fun for the Community

Of course, the 2020 season will be unusual but still packed with fun while the team responds to COVID-19. Fans won’t be able to come to the stadium, but they will be able to stream the games for free on Facebook Live and YouTube.

“The Portland Pickles have strived to make every baseball season fun, affordable and family friendly, and to make our community united and strong. We are proud to partner with them,” PNWFCU CEO Tom Griffith said.

To further strengthen the community, PNWFCU will donate $10 to the Oregon Food Bank for every new Pickles credit card issued in 2020.

Pickles Visa Card Available Soon

The card offers no annual fee, a low fixed rate, no cash advance fees, and no balance transfer fees. It will be available to PNWFCU members starting in July, and membership is open to the community in eight local counties.