PNWFCU financial reality fair at Parkrose High School

VIDEO: 2019 Financial Reality Fair

at Parkrose High School

Nov. 26, 2019

We brought our financial reality fair to Parkrose High School and had a fun day helping students practice the budgeting skills they’ll need after graduation. Don’t miss the video below to see what students learned and what advice they would give to other young people.

A Bite of Reality

Students received a starting salary, and they tried to fund their monthly expenses while staying under budget. They went to several booths to pick out housing, transportation, food, entertainment and more.

If they exceeded their budget, they visited the credit union booth to talk with a financial counselor about how to get back on track.

Sorry, gotta take back that brand new BMW and get a bus pass this time…

What Students Learned (VIDEO)

The students said this was an eye-opening experience, and they were surprised by how expensive life can be. They said it would be a good idea to start saving money now and make sure to prioritize the most important things first when they start budgeting.

And our favorite takeaway: “Try not to buy a yacht.” Here’s a video recap.

Email us if you’re interested in volunteering with us next time!