Get an Ice Cream Treat at a PNWFCU Branch Near You

Get an Ice Cream Treat

at a Branch Near You

Jun. 29, 2018

We love celebrating our members with a special ice cream day every summer. And this year we just couldn’t contain ourselves to only one Member Appreciation Day. We’ll be celebrating you on three different days.

Stop by one of these branches to pick up an ice cream treat as a thank you for your membership.

  • Erin Way branch: Jul. 12 | 2–4pm
  • Hood River branch: Jul. 20 | 2–4pm
  • Ross branch: Aug. 3 | 2–4pm

Don’t think we left out the BPA/911 branch, either! We shared ice cream with them during the annual Safety Fair. But if you missed it, you can come visit Erin Way, Hood River or Ross. We hope to see you there!