It's Easy to Open a PNWFCU Account

...Here's How!

Apr. 18, 2019

Opening a credit union account is quick and easy with our online application. You can open your PNWFCU account in about five minutes. Check out the video to learn more, or keep reading for membership eligibility and additional details.

How to Open a PNWFCU Account

You can use your mobile device to apply for membership anytime, from anywhere. Just click the Join Us link here or at the top of our website to start your application. Of course you can always visit a branch to open your account, but it’s probably faster and easier to apply online.

The membership application only takes about five minutes. You’ll need your social security number and an ID like your driver license or passport.

Are You Eligible?

PNWFCU serves eight counties in and around the Portland Metro area. That means if you live, work, regularly conduct business in, worship or attend school in one of these counties, you are eligible for PNWFCU membership.


  • Clackamas County
  • Columbia County
  • Hood River County
  • Multnomah County
  • Washington County
  • Yamhill County


  • Clark County
  • Skamania County

Next Steps

The best part is that PNWFCU membership is free. You can sign up today and start taking advantage of credit union benefits like low interest rates and free savings and checking accounts.

And after you join PNWFCU, you’ll probably want to set up direct deposit of your paycheck, download our mobile app, and maybe even set up a digital wallet to make payments on the go.

Call or text us at 503-256-5858 or email if you have any questions.