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3 Reasons You Need a Digital Wallet

(And How to Set It Up)

Jan. 30, 2019

You’re at Starbucks where you see the guy at the front of the line casually hold his phone over the card machine and boom, his tall latte is paid for. No pulling out the wallet and digging through credit cards. Just a simple tap, pay and go.

What is this financial wizardry?

This is the digital wallet, and it’s changing the way payments are made. Here are three reasons you might want to embrace this new form of mobile payment.

1. It’s Fast

Digital payments are accepted at thousands of stores and make the checkout process even faster. You can tap your phone for quick payments, whether in-person, online or in an app. Because who wants to spend extra time in line?

2. It’s Simple

Instead of digging through your wallet or purse looking for just the right rewards card, you can easily access multiple cards right on your phone. And it’s easier to keep track of one phone rather than multiple cards, especially since your phone is almost always close at hand.

3. It’s Secure

Thanks to encryption, your card information won’t be shared with the vendor, providing you with extra security. You could even leave your physical cards at home to prevent theft. And if your phone ever gets stolen, you can quickly lock your digital wallet remotely all at once.

Okay, let’s get this set up…

You can carry your PNWFCU debit and credit cards on your device and make payments using Apple Pay™, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. It’s quick and easy to set up.

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