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Mission Statement

Pacific NW Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative existing to provide high quality products and services, which enable our membership to achieve financial health and independence.

Our History

We were founded in 1942 by a handful of Bonneville Power Administration employees, and have continued to grow by adding other federal agencies and select employee groups to our membership. In 1999 we merged with Hessell-TPC Credit Union, with Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union in 2000, then with Pacific Retailers Omni Federal Credit Union in 2001. In 2004, we added Hood River, Wasco, Skamania and Klickitat counties, as well as a community in NE Portland to our membership eligibility. Click here for membership eligibility.

Moving Forward

With the current media coverage on troubled banks, you may be wondering if your accounts are secure at the credit union. The short answer is, yes!

Not only is our credit union sound and stable, every credit union in Oregon is federally insured by a fund that is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) insures accounts to $250,000 per account (with additional coverage of up to $250,000 for certain retirement accounts), just as the FDIC does for banks. For more information on federal share insurance click here.

We offer credit union services to over 300 federal agencies and select employee groups. We are a $127 million credit union with over 16,000 members, enjoying a full range of personal and business products and services. Our primary goal is to satisfy our members' financial needs with a high level of service, using three strategic objectives:

  1. Be our member's financial partner for life
  2. Ensure that the credit union's financial performance remains strong
  3. Achieve balanced growth


2014 President's & Chairman's Report

2014 was a good year for Pacific NW Federal Credit Union. Good in terms of developing our member service capabilities and good in terms of financial performance.

During 2014 we improved member service by:

  • Significantly reduced the time it takes to add a new member and make all members a loan.
  • Implemented a continuous process improvement program that has improved our member service times and our operational efficiency.
  • Began projects to implement online lending and electronic document signing.

We continue to strengthen the quality of our loan portfolio and improve the quality of our overall balance sheet:

  • 950 people became members – a 5.5% increase over last year
  • Made over 1,200 consumer loans for $24.7 million – a 57% increase over 2013. This was accomplished by improving the process we use to make consumer loans.
  • Helped 92 members buy or refinance their homes for $16.5 million
  • Increased total assets from $128.5 to $135.5 million
  • Increased total loans (held and serviced) by $10.2 million to $198.2 million
  • Improved net worth from 8.01% of total assets to 8.29%
  • Reduced operating expenses 1.3% over 2013 ($77,307 decrease)

During 2015 our focus will be to increase the convenience and quality of member service:

  • The continuous process improvement program implemented in 2014 will, obviously by its name, continue in 2015. Staff have already developed a list of new operational areas to focus on and will be revisiting previously improved processes to adapt to changes and new needs of the members and organization
  • Finish electronic signing for documents to eliminate the need to come into a branch or mail signed documents
  • Fully implement the online lending system began in 2014
  • Complete redesign of our website
  • Adding Apple Pay
  • Redesigning our BPA HQ branch
  • Redesigning our Erin Way branch to consolidate the administrative functions within the building
  • Refresh the Hood River branch
  • Make plans for the future of the Ross branch

Throughout all of this, our main goal is to be Your Financial Partner for Life.

Paresh Patel, Ph. D., MBA
Chariman of the Board
Thomas E. Griffith, CMA
Chief Executive Officer


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