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Middle School Financial Education Lesson Plans

Our program provides teachers with the resources they need to teach students how to manage their money, build a budget, make sound financial decisions, and meet their goals.

All modules include worksheets, instructions, and everything you need to teach online or in the classroom environment.

Making Decisions middle school financial literacy

Module 1: Making Financial Decisions

Every day we are faced with many decisions – What to wear? What to eat? Where to go? Who to hang out with? We are also faced with decisions involving our money. How do you go about deciding what the best way to spend (or not spend…) your money is? This lesson will help give you guidance.

Making Money middle school financial literacy lesson

Module 2: Making Money

To make decisions about how to spend your money, you first must earn money. This is a multiple part lesson leading students through the entire process of earning money – including picking a career, landing a job, assessing the job offer, and then deciding how to spend the money you earn!

Budgeting middle school lesson plans

Module 3: Budgeting

This lesson teaches students to prioritize spending by setting goals and thinking about how to be intentional with their money. Students will reflect on current habits and think about how changes might benefit their future. Lesson includes a budget game.

Living on Your Own middle school lesson plan

Module 4: Living on Your Own

This lesson shows students the reality of the expenses involved in moving out on their own. Students will interview friends and family, and also look at a sample lease and answer comprehensive questions about what to look for in a lease.

Banking Services middle school financial literacy

Module 5: Banking Services

This lesson will provide students with knowledge about different options they have in the banking world, including how to write a check, how to compute interest on a savings account, and the difference between a bank and credit union.

Credit Cards middle school financial education

Module 6: Credit and Credit Cards

What is credit? How do you use it? Is it really “free money” or is there a price you pay for it? Are all credit cards the same? Should you just get a cool looking credit card?  All these questions will be answered in this lesson.

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