New Website Coming Soon: Here's What to Expect
JUL. 30, 2019

We're updating our website to make it easier to find what you need and manage your finances. The changes are coming later this summer, so don't be alarmed if you visit our website and things look a little different. Here's what to expect!

Simple Navigation Menu

There will be a simple menu button at the top of our website, like you often see on mobile websites. This button will work on desktop and mobile. Just click the menu button to reveal links to most of our website pages. Then click the X or menu button, or click elsewhere on the screen (outside of the menu), if you want to hide the menu again.

With this new menu style, you won't have to click several times to find what you need. It will be easy to see most of our pages here on one screen and click straight to what you're looking for.

Bold and Clean Design

We'll continue to highlight important things like rates and popular links on our home page, and it will be much easier to spot them in bold fonts and bright colors.

Easy-to-use Loan Pages

The back pages of our site will have big, noticeable buttons leading to loan applications. There will be additional links to other relevant pages, and it should be easier to use our website.

Blog Refresh

The blog is getting a new look, too. There will be a feature story at the top of the main blog page, with other recent articles below. And you’ll be able to search stories by category.


We're still finishing up our new website, so some of these layouts might change slightly. We hope this new design makes it easier to quickly get to the pages you need, apply for loans and keep growing your money with Your Financial Partner for Life.

If you have any questions, call or text us at 503-256-5858.

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